Welcome to the Blockfabrik!


Since August 2017, the doors of our bouldering gym are open.

The Blockfabrik offers many possibilities for beginners as well as high performance boulderers through the weekly re-setting of routes for all ability levels on a variety of climbing angles!
We not only offer you a variety of route styles and climbing angles, we also offer a large and open training area.
With our unique, open and bright indoor concept, your safety is our top priority.

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Blockfabrik news:


The Vienna Boulder Tour 2019 FINAL!

On Friday the 13th of December, we will be hosting the epic final round of the Vienna Boulder Tour 2019 in the Blockfabrik 

There will be a qualification round with great prizes like Scarpa climbing shoes, €50 vouchers and more... 

The Final itself will be awesome, regardless of weather you are competing or spectating. So save the date and take part in Vienna's biggest bouldering event!

Please be aware that due to the competition boulders being set, the competition wall will be closed for climbing on Thursday and Friday until the event starts!

Our Photo-voltaic System is in Operation! 


We are proud to announce that our Photovoltaic System is now in operation and depending on the weather, we cover a large portion of our energy consumption!

Blocksession Final!

Our Blocksession final round will be held on Wednesday, 11.09.19! The following 60 competitors have qualified to take part :

Women :

Andrea Ebner
Katalin Paertan
Christina Buchner
Leonie Schaferl
Olivia Merckens
Zenia Kavassilas
lea vierthaler
Nadja Lapter
Lidia Saarinen
Katja Gürtler
Linda Oster
Marlies Kodera
Christina Gößlbauer
Catalina Chitacu
Caroline Weitz
Laura Barladeanu
Sarah Mörwald
Ziggy Shaw
Klara Vollenwyder
Helena Kim
Vrabetz Tatjana
Okropiridse Juliana
Ronja Doppelhofer
Karoline Raab
Darina Alovska
Helena Manzenreiter
Cori Ne
Michela Schleglhof
Biely Katharina
Kalmar Sara

Men :

Tobias Francan
Paul Katterl
Andrey Velasquez
Naqib Mirzai
Hannes Pantscharowitsch
Joe Prömsbär
Michael Schmatzberger
Geisler Philipp
Amir Akbari
Robert Gaschl
Dietmar Griessmair
Marius Kitzmüller
Martin Pöppel
David Duh
Lukas Manzi
Philip Fichtinger
Alex-ander Zerker
Lukas Heschl
Thomas Bib
Bernhard Meysel
Philipp Faiß
Lukas Mayerhofer
Greg O
Dennis Palmetzhofer
Christoph Zagler
Richard Starkl
Thomas Harrach
Fabian Fröhlinger
Lukas Pressler
Lukas Salchner

BlockSession (For a Good Cause)

Our 3rd BlockSession starts on the 10th of August -this time with a different format than usual, but how does it work?

Our competition wall will be reset with 80 competition routes. You will have 4 weeks to climb as many of the boulders as possible. We will be donating 10 Cents per climbed boulder to Global 2000 for one of their environmental projects. This means that if 300 people climb 60 out of the 80 boulders each, 18000 boulders were climbed in total and we will donate €1800 to Global 2000.
Taking part of this competition is free of charge.

Once 4 weeks have passed, we will of course host an exciting Final for the top climbers to show their stuff!


Good news for all Early Birds

We have new opening hours and are now open daily at 09:00 for you!
Come by early and enjoy the quiet morning hours for your workout.


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