The Blockfabrik Philosophy

Read here what distinguishes the Blockfabrik, what makes it special and how it all came about:

Unique Gym Concept

"We want to set new standards in bouldering."

For the two founders and managing directors, Christian and Simon Götting, one thing was clear from the beginning: this gym must become something special and should set new standards in bouldering!

And so a unique hall concept was developed with a great focus on free space and safety. The routes are suitable for high-performance boulderers as well as for beginners and teenagers. The completely open gym is flooded with natural light and the Panorama Bistro offers a variety of food and drinks. Between the mats there are many seating areas that invite you to rest, chat and relax - in these "safety zones" you are away from the climbing area and protective mats and therefore automatically protect co-boulderers and yourself. This idea has already met with international acclaim.

More about the Self-Built Brand

For the two founder brothers Christian and Simon, it was obvious that they would help as much as possible with the construction of the bouldering gym and so the Blockfabrik team were involved in every aspect, from the concept phase, to the design of the climbing walls and the construction of the cloakroom, bistro and main boulder area.

Everything the Blockfabrik team personally designed and implemented can be found on our Facebook page: to the Facebook album

What the Blockfabrik has to offer

Here’s why the Blockfabrik will be your new bouldering gym in Vienna:

-Open daily from 09:00 to 22:00
-Plenty of natural light and spacious interior design
-Safety zones with comfortable seating for further safety
-Panorama restaurant with high-quality drinks and food to relax in
-Training area with new sports equipment
-Optimized routes through years of experience in route-setting
-Indoor IFSC Competition Wall in Austria
-Many great bouldering events

The story of the Boulder Brothers

You can read how the Blockfabrik started here:

From the Portuguese Coast to the Centre of Vienna

The two boulder brothers, Christian and Simon, had always dreamed of having their own climbing gym: in 2011, during a climbing trip in Zillertal, the two brothers and their friends had put imaginary routes into a hall that did not yet exist and had already made plans in their heads. It quickly became clear: a hall was needed!

The perfect hall, however, takes a while to create and so they spend their time on other projects: Christian: a trained master carpenter working in his own carpenter's workshop, active as a climbing instructor and spending his free time exercising and playing sports. Simon: a qualified sports teacher working abroad, working as a social worker in the SOS Children's Village and also never missing out on the chance to do any sport imaginable in the water, snow or mountains.

Putting their dream on hold for a while, the two brothers leave the Land of Mountains in Spring 2016 and travel by van towards the sea. Portugal is to become their new home - earning a living in a surf school and spending free time either on the rock or in the water? Sounds tempting! But the idea of their own gym won't go away and they are eagerly looking for a suitable location for the climbing gym again. And then it happens: in a café in Lisbon they find what they have been waiting for for years: the former production hall of a publishing house in the 5th district of Vienna is looking for a new tenant!

Without hesitation, they seize the opportunity to make their life's dream come true: Vienna becomes the location of the long-awaited climbing gym and in December 2016 the go-ahead was given for the construction of the new bouldering gym in the heart of Vienna: the Blockfabrik is being built!